Least Cost Formulations, Ltd.


Least Cost Formulator Multiproduct Blending System
The Least Cost Formulator is a multi-product blending system designed for formulating all types of mixed-ingredient products. The Least Cost Formulator is an essential element in any management system designed to optimize purchasing costs while faithfully meeting nutritional and quality requirements.
QC Assistant Rapid Analysis System
The QC Assistant is a remarkable tool designed to analyze meat raw materials at a fraction of the cost - and similar or better accuracy - than conventional AOAC methods. In addition, the QC Assistant is invaluable in every aspect of meat processing and blending.
EZLcf Rapid Formulation System
The EZLcf is a Microsoft Excel based rapid formulation system with "what you see is what you get" operation. One worksheet details raw materials and their attributes and other worksheets show product formulations and requirements. Simply present the "Formulate" button to get a new formula meeting all your requirements.